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American Standard Steel Building Systems

American Standard Steel Building Systems is a true single source provider of steel building systems. We will provide you with a complete building system which will include coiling overhead doors, man doors, windows, store front doors, ridge vents, interior liner panels, translucent roof or wall panels, partition walls, and much more.

With our complete building system, we take much of your own project management out of the equation. We would also be providing peace of mind knowing that all of the accessories are compatible with your steel building and will fit like a glove.

Linde Engineering Warehouse: 100'x200'x24'. Features 100' clear span building without the use of interior columns. 
Fast track building: Delivered in 31 calendar days after order received.

Building in the Sunset

Below is a list of features that come standard on all of our buildings:

  • 100% American manufactured
  • 100% American steel
  • 100% American engineered and detailed
  • 100% Grade E steel (engineered steel)
  • Choice of 13 standard colors for walls and trim
  • Choice of 13 standard colors for coiling overhead doors
  • 20 year finish warranty on all painted steel
  • 1 year workmanship warranty on entire structure
  • Minimum 26 gauge steel for all trim pieces
  • Minimum 16 gauge steel for all secondary steel
  • Rod bracing in lieu of cable bracing (cable bracing is less effective, and inferior)
  • Freight to your job site
  • All bolts are minimum ASTM 325 high strength bolts
  • All roof and wall insulation will include our premium WMP V-R-R facing/vapor barrier
  • Minimum 26 gauge steel roof and wall panels with 80KSI tensile strength
  • Your building will be manufactured in IAS certified facilities
  • Engineering drawings (permit drawings) sealed by an engineer registered in your state
  • All man doors will be pre-assembled and included a grade 1 heavy duty closer and grade 1 lever handle and cylinder lock set
  • All man doors are insulated, wind certified, ADA compliant, includes framed opening, and the door leaf is 18ga steel
  • All buildings receive gutters and downspouts (unless roof snow load is above 50PSF)
  • All framed openings for overhead doors will receive full cover trim for the framed opening channels
  • All buildings with insulation will included sealed walls (eave closure, base closure, rake closure)
  • All steel framing members will receive 1 coat of red rust inhibitive primer
  • All coiling overhead doors are wind certified. If building is insulated, the door will also come insulated.
  • All roof and wall fasteners heads will be painted to match the color of your roof and wall
  • All wall fasteners are long life rated and will contain a neoprene washer for improved weathertightness
  • 8 week delivery or faster from date of order (if ordered for fabrication)

About Us

American Standard Steel Building Systems is a leading provider of pre-engineered steel building systems, serving all 50 states, as well as Canada. At American Standard, we take pride in providing not only the best custom steel buildings available, but providing unparalleled service!

American Standard Steel Building Systems is a veteran owned company. The founder believes that true customer service isn't dead. We truly engage with our customers from start to finish and provide 5 star service; most importantly, service after sale.

All of our buildings incorporate the most advance engineering and manufacturing standards. We never take shortcuts. Your building will be custom designed per your needs and specifications. In addition, we ensure your building will meet or exceed your local design criteria, to ensure your building is safe, and lasts for decades to come.

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